Bowman Gymnasium

In Memoriam of Harold Wayne Bowman



Son of Reverand and Mrs. Floyd C. Bowman,Missionaries to Mali, Africa. Killed February 2, 1977, in Juba, Sudan, by rebel fire. NAIA All-American Soccer Player, Outstanding Christian Witness, Skilled Pilot, Loyal and Steadfast Friend. Ha rold "Bow" Bowman attended Nyack College 1964-68, graduating with a B.S. Degree. He was involved in several major sports during his student career and after graduation remained to assist in coaching. For a short time after graduation he played professional soccer, but the drive of his life was toward missionary service to Africa, where he was born. He learned to fly while at Nyack College and after five years withthe Civil Air Patrol, Harold earned a flight instructors license.

"Bow" went to Africa in 1975 under the Auspices of "Mercy Airlift", relief arm of World Gospel Crusades, carrying food, cattle. diesel fuel and personnel to the drought striken areas of eastern Africa. In particular, he flew to Ethiopia and Sudan, hazardous areas for flying due to primitive landing strips and revolution. It was his ardent desire for service to the Lord without reserve, regardless of the personal cost, that drove him.

Harold wrote many times of his desire to serve. Some of his joys included "being back in Africa and working to show the Love of God to many who have never heard His Name-and watching Him work in my own life, conforming me to the Image of His Son."
At the time of his death, he was ferrying missionaries, Bibles and supplies to many outposts in the Sudan for the Africa Inland Mission. When fighting broke out in Juba, he risked his life to drive four other relief workers to safety at the airport.

On February 2, 1977, hit by rebel fire, Harold Bowman joined the long list of Nyack's illustrious sons and daughters who gave their lives in the service of the King. The reward of service is not by the number of years one lives, but by the quality of service and its impact for the Lord and for eternity. Although Harold was not granted many years of service, he left fruit for His Master wherever he went.

The Bowman Center stands as a tribute to this fine man who epitomizes what Nyack College stands for.
The Bowman Center is the home of the Nyack Warriors men's and women's basketball teams and the women's volleyball team. It has earned a reputation for being the "toughest place for opponents to play in the northeast region." (Granozio, Regional Report)Nyack's enthusiastic fan base regularly pack the 1,300 seat facility and help provide the energy needed to spur the Warriors on to victory.

This facility has become the center of student life at Nyack, hosting the weekly chapel program, student intramurals, noon ball, and open gym. It has also served the needs of the greater Nyack community by hosting camps, clinics, concerts and public school graduations.

In 2004-2005, the facility underwent a renovation. New lighting was installed, a new and expanded training room was constructed, new carpet was installed in the lobby, and the locker rooms were renovated.