Moseley Field

Moseley field serves as the home field for the men's and women's soccer teams and the women's lacrosse program beginning in the spring of 2013.

A portion of Moseley field was needed in order to construct the Student Life Center (SLC). This made it necessary to extend the Soccer field to the east. For much of the winter and spring huge mounds of ground fill were piled at the east end of Moseley field. With the SLC nearing completion work has begun to finish the eastern extension of Moseley field. Once the ground is filled and leveled, top soil will be spread and the grass replaced.

During the summer of 1998, Moseley Field at Nyack College was renovated. The generous gifts from many alumni and friends allowed the Nyack program to renovate one of the worst fields in the area into the best surface in the area.

Subterranean watering systems, as well as new sod created a beautiful pitch for the soccer teams to play on and created a new excitement on the campus.

We would like to thank our friends who made generous contributions in order to make Moseley Field a reality.

Ms. Carrie Barbee Rev. & Mrs. John Bechtel Mr. Joseph Bisulca
Mr. Jerry Callaghan Ms. Nancy Caravan Rev. & Mrs. John Cutts
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Davie Rev. & Mrs. John Cutts Mr. Bigelow Green
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Hill Mrs. Elizabeth Knopp Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kramer
Mr. & Mrs. Linton Libby Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lynch Mrs. Florence Mackinney
Dr. & Mrs. David McKechnie Mr. & Mrs. Park Miller Mr. Lesley Milord
Rev. & Mrs. Wayne Muckel Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Myers Dr. & Mrs. Victor Oliver
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Rinker Mr. Timothy Woehr Mr. Harold Zook
Mr. Omar Zook