Balthazar Nets 15 Points as Men's Basketball Falls to Mercy

Balthazar Nets 15 Points as Men's Basketball Falls to Mercy
Westchester, NY- The Men's Basketball team traveled over the bridge tonight to compete in a non-conference match against Mercy College. The Mavericks and the Warriors showed great competition however success resided with the advantage of the home team. Carl Balthazar led the Warriors with a 15 point effort.
Imran Ritchie's 2pt layup within seconds of the first half, gave the Warriors a 2-2 tie with the Mavericks. The Warriors managed to gain a 10-7 lead after Carl Balthazar found his ball through the hoop from behind the arc. Following up was teammate, Elijah Farley, with his layup. Nyack leading 12-10 at 14:23 in the half allowed the pressure to be put on the men in white. However Rashard Lewis and Malik Pouncy rebounders weren't enough to help the Warriors score. The Maverick's came from behind to regain a 16-12 lead after Matthew Alectus shot a successful 3-pointer. As the battle for the lead continued the Warriors began to fall back as the Maverick's managed to push themselves further away. Lewis had two amazing back-to-back shots that helped the Warriors to 17 while Mercy had 27. Their 3-0 run became a 8-0 run as Lewis put in a 3-pointer and 2-pointer. Also successfully putting in two shots from the free throw was Jah-Meer McDuffie with 3:07 left and a score of 24-27 in favor of Mercy. Ritchie's free-throw would end the first half with the Macvericks leading 25-36.
As Carl Balthazar for Nyack led his teams in points from the first half he continued his lead with the first layup of the second half and thus giving the Warriors 27 and Mercy 36. An early foul from the Mavericks put Curtis Thompson on the free throw line and later adding another point to the Nyack scoreboard. Mercy began to find their momentum as they pushed the score to 28-44 with about 15:12 left in the second period. Sal Barbetto of the Mavericks would help them to see that lead. However, an immediate answer back from Balthazar and Witherspoon gave the Warriors a 4-0 run and a much closer reach to Mercy. As Nyack trailed behind 35-50, Freshmen Deandre Osuigwe made his presence for the first time in the game with his shot from behind the arc. He then assisted his teammate, Rashard Lewis for another 2 points. With four minutes left in the game, the Warriors struggled as the scoreboard reflected 48-65. With seconds left in the game Imran Ritchie made two successful free throws to help the Warriors to 60. Despite his effort to capitalize on a foul it was not enough to give Nyack the victory. The Game ended with a score of 60-77.
Rashard Lewis led the Warriors with 7 rebounds while Imran Ritchie came in with a close 6. Deandre Osuigwe also helped the Warriors with a total of 4 assists.
Kicking off the second of the month in December, Nyack will host its first CACC conference match against Concordia College. Game is set on Saturday in Bowman Gymnasium at 3:00pm.