Men's Basketball Opens Conference Play with Win over Concordia

Men's Basketball Opens Conference Play with Win over Concordia
Nyack, NY- Nyack hosted their first conference game of the season with a triumph over the Concordia College Clippers. The Warriors go 1-0 in the CACC conference as they ended today's game with a score of 82-74.
The Clippers came out strong within minutes of the first half jump ball. They tallied a 5-2 score before the Warriors tied the game with a 3pt jump shot from Rashard Lewis. The Warriors took the lead with a layup from Carl Balthazar. The game began to be a back and forth motion as Nyack lost the one point lead. However, a successful free throw from Calvin Willis allowed the game to be at another 11-11 tie. From there Nyack went on a 12-0 run. The Clippers began to close the gap as they gain the lead at the 8:57 mark. Nyack later brought the heat as Balthazar found his shot behind the arc through the net. It was not long before his teammate Elijah Farley replicated the same shot. With four minutes to spare Rashard Lewis gave Nyack an even bigger lead as the scoreboard reflected 33-27. Shawn Witherspoon sealed the first half with a 3pt shot to add to his 15 points.

As the Warriors led 43-28, they continued to show off their skills right at the start of the second half. Shawn Witherspoon's defensive rebound helped Nyack to return to their side of the court as Carl Balthazar made a successful layup. The Clippers continued to struggle as the Warriors had an 8-0 run at the eleventh minute mark. The score was now at 46-61 Nyack. Concordia managed to break their run with a layup. However, Imran Ritchie answered back with his 2pt. layup. The Warriors continued to dominate the second half before multiple fouls put the Clippers at the free throw. Concordia was within a 6 point reach from the Warriors with just 35 seconds left of the game. But that did not stop Nyack from capitalizing on a foul from the Clippers. The Warriors sealed their victory with a closing score of 82-74.

Rashard Lewis led the Warriors with a season high 19 points and following behind him was Imran Ritchie with 18 points. Ritchie also added 9 assists in the game to help Nyack with their win as well as his 5 for 5 stat for free throws. Defensively, Shawn Witherspoon led Nyack with 8 rebounds as Carl Balthazar followed behind with 6.

Nyack continues season play on December 5th as they compete with CACC member, Felcian University. Game is set to begin at 8:00 pm at Felician.