Men's Basketball Edged Out By Dominican Despite Strong First Half

Men's Basketball Edged Out By Dominican Despite Strong First Half

Orangeburg, NY- The Warriors traveled right down the road to Dominican College today. The Dominican Chargers are 2-1 in CACC while Nyack is 1-1. Both members contended today for another conference win. At the end of the game, the Dominican Chargers came out with that win as the scoreboard reflected 67-51.

Nyack showed great efforts at the start of the half with Rashard Lewis' shot from behind the arc to put the Warriors up 3-0. They continued with an 8-0 run to lead the game at 13:45 with a score of 12-4. A Nyack foul gave Dominican a chance to answer back, however, it wasn't enough for Calvin Willis who would put the Warriors up 14 after his layup. With 9 minutes left of the half, the Chargers closed the lead and tied the game at 14-14. Carl Balthazar followed up with a 2-pointer to regain the lead. Nyack went on a 6-0 run after both Imran Ritchie, Curtis Thompson, and Shawn Witherspoon made three layups and thus putting them at a 22-14 advantage. With under 6 minutes remaining for the half, Dominican gained momentum to now tie the game up at 22-22. Refusing to let the Chargers lead was Curtis Thompson with another layup to help Nyack to 24-23. The Warriors would remain solid before a ten point run by the Chargers would give them the lead of 34-28. Rashard Lewis would go on to make two free throws before the end of the half. The Chargers lead 34-30. Curtis Thompson finishes the half with 8 points and Elijah Farley with 4 rebounds.

The start off the second half was rough as the Warriors struggled to shoot. The Chargers went on a 4-0 run before Curtis Thompson would break that momentum. His free throw shot brought Nyack within a 7 point distance from the Chargers. Calvin Willis made his presence known at 15:23 with his layup. Jah-Meer Mcduffie's defensive rebound also allowed Imran Ritchie to a layup. He would then go on to give the Warriors 37 points with his jump shot. With ten minutes remaining in the game the Chargers were up 52-39. Nyack answered back with a defensive rebound from Calvin Willis who would then help his teammate Shawn Witherspoon with a jump shot. With the score, 43-60 Chargers and time at 5:16, it did not phase the Warriors one bit. They continued to battle as they made use of a chargers foul. Shawn Witherspoon put the Warriors within a 16 point reach. Imran Ritchie's assist to Rashard Lewis with just two minutes to spare would put the game at 48-67. And with a minute left of the game, Deandre Osuigwe made a free throw. However, that wasn't enough to help the Warriors to a victory. The game ended with 67-51 win for the Chargers.

The game leaders for the Warriors were Curtis Thompson with 11 points and Calvin Willis with 8 points. Imran Ritchie tallied 4 assists for Nyack while Jah-Meer Mcduffie contributed defensively with his 8 rebounds.

As the season continues, the Nyack Warriors will host a non-conference match at on December 16th against Assumption. Game is slated for 3:00pm.