Collective Offensive Effort Helps Men's Basketball Get Past Concordia

Collective Offensive Effort Helps Men's Basketball Get Past Concordia

Bronxville, NY- The Warriors road trip to Concordia College ended in a triumphant victory. Nyack's battle on the court helped them to a 77-61 win over the Clippers as Rashard Lewis led the offense with 19 points. With the win the Warriors are 4-7 in conference play.

With less than two minutes in the first half, the Warriors trailed behind the Clippers. It was not long before their 7-0 run, initiated by a layup from Imran Ritchie, allowed the Warriors to gain the lead for the first time. They continued to handle the ball well and created an even bigger lead at the 14th minute mark. Shawn Witherspoon's three-pointer put the scoreboard at 12-8 in favor of Nyack. Both teams battled back and forth, however, nothing could stop the heat that the Warriors contained as they extended their lead to 17-9. Concordia began to slowly answer back but the Warriors' defense would not let up. Shawn Witherspoon's defensive rebound helped Nyack to regain the momentum as Imran Ritchie added a 3-point shot to their score. He went on to tab a defensive rebound to hold the Clippers. With only 5 minutes remaining, the Warriors were up 30-15 after a Curtis Thompson layup off an assist from Witherspoon. Nyack dominated the remaining half with the scoreboard reflecting 43-27.

As the second half started off Nyack continued to show their relentless offensive talent. They would find themselves at the free throw line after forcing a foul. Rashard Lewis went 3 for 3 from foul stripe and helped his team to a 6-0 run. Concordia struggled to close that gap until they broke the Nyack streak after a Warrior foul. Nyack managed to force a Concordia timeout with only ten minutes left after Carl Balthazar made a 3-point shot. This would put the Warriors up 56-39. The Warriors' defense continued to keep their offense going as they continued to extend their lead. In the last two minutes of the game the Warriors possessed majority of the game and consistently kept their gap intangible for the Clippers. The game ended with a steal by Jah-Meer McDuffie and therefore sealed the victory for the Warriors. 

The Warriors were led on the night by Senior Rashard Lewis and Junior Shawn Witherspoon who both had double doubles. Rashard had 19 points and 11 boards while Witherspoon stuffed the stats with 12 points, 14 rebounds, and 6 assists.

Nyack will continue their season on January 27th at 3:00 pm against another conference team, Georgian Court. This home game will host an honoree induction for former Basketball standout Dan Bailey.