Warriors Fall to Goldey-Beacom on the Road

Warriors Fall to Goldey-Beacom on the Road

The Basics:
Score: Nyack 77 | Goldey-Beacom 95
Nyack Record: 5-16 Overall, 5-9 CACC
GBC Record: 14-8 Overall, 10-3 CACC
Location: Joseph West Jones College Ctr 

Wilmington, DE - Nyack Men's hoops were defeated Goldey-Beacom College 77-95 in conference play. The Warriors were led by Elijah Farley with 15 points. 

How It Happened:

The Warriors trailed behind as Goldey-Beacom found success from inside the arc. Elijah Farley broke their lead with a 3-Point shot that put Nyack on the board with 5 while the Lighting had 17. Shawn Witherspoon and Calvin Willis both added to the score by tabbing two layups. The lightning ran into some foul trouble to give Curtis Thompson two opportunities at the free throw. The score was now 15-29, Goldey-Beacom. Nyack suddenly closed their big gap to a 7 Point game with another behind the arc shot from Elijah Farley. Closing the half was Rashard Lewis for the Warriors with his 3-Point shot. Goldey Beacom leads 54-39. 

An early foul from the Lightning in the early second half allowed the Warriors to gain two successful points at the free throw. Imran Ritchie went 2-2 on the free throw to give the Warriors 41 and Goldey-Beacom 57. That was not enough to keep the Lightning quiet as they continued to bank shots. The Warriors were down 44-64 before Shawn Witherspoon gave Nyack another two points to close the lead. The Warriors went on a 5-0 run with 11 minutes left. They continued to battle down to the last minute with another forced foul from the Lightning. The Warriors added two points to the score. However, that wasn't enough as Goldey-Beacom sealed the game 95-77. 

The Warriors came up big with their 80% free throw percentage. Elijah Farley led Nyack with 15 points while teammate Rashard Lewis came up with 14 points. Shawn Witherspoon came up with 5 rebounds to help the Warriors defensively. 

Up Next: The Warriors will play their next game away against CACC opponents Bloomfield. The game is slated for 7:30pm on February 7th