Warriors 3-0 in Conference

Warriors 3-0 in Conference

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The Basics:
Score: Nyack 2 | GCU 1 
Nyack Record: 3-3-0,, 3-0-0  CACC
GCU Record2-3-0, 1-1-2 CACC
Location: Moseley Field


Nyack College Men's Soccer team progressed to a 3 game win streak this afternoon after defeating Georgian Court University 2-1 in a nail-biting match.  In an aggressive 90 minutes of play, both the Warriors and the Lions would face challenges and lose one man on the field, but the Warriors would claim the victory and would continue to be undefeated in conference play.

How It Happened

The Warriors were consistent with their offensive efforts throughout the game putting up 7 and 6 shots in each respective half.  Sophomore Francois Legoedec (Etreville, France) led the Warriors with 3 shots and 1 assist.  Scoring the Warriors second goal of the night, off of the assist from Legoedec, sophomore Samuel Viau (Stormville, NY) had 3 shots for the match with 2 shots on goal.  Senior Maximillian Schmitt (Wentdorf, Germany) recorded 2 shots with 1 shot on goal, as well as Simon Kraemer (Wentdorf, Germany) who was able to score off of an assist from Giovanni Galvano (Tappan, NY). 

On defense freshman Wiktor Lasota (Lodz/Warsaw, Poland) played an outstanding match recording 4 saves, 2 of which were penalty kicks inside the box.  His efforts greatly contributed to securing the Warriors victory as well as the entire defensive line who limited Georgian Court to 9 shots, for the entire 90 minutes, with only 5 shots on goal.

The first half saw an unstoppable offense landing 7 shots with 2 shots on goal and 1 goal, as well as a stone wall defense from the Warriors, keeping the Lions from placing any shots at all.  The lone goal for the first half came in the 14th minute when Kraemer was able to take a shot inside the box off of an assist from Galvano.   The temperature of the game was agitated by the Warriors aggressive play leading to a cumulative 17 fouls and 3 yellow cards evenly split between the two teams.  This temperament would continue into the second half as the first period closed with a score of Nyack 1, Georgian Court 0.

Immediately into play of the second half, a flurry of action erupted on the field.  Georgian Court's Jorge Rivera scored an unassisted goal from a deflection off of a corner kick tying the game in the 45th minute.  Amongst the celebration several whistles were blown and cards were thrown.  Two fouls were called and two red cards were split between each team, dropping both rosters down one man.  The Warriors were quick to respond as Viau brought Nyack back into the lead, with the help of Legoedec, in the 56th minute.  The Lions were given several opportunities to score, including penalty kicks in the 57th and 75th minutes of the game; both of which were stopped with impressive athleticism from Lasota.  Following the second penalty kick, Georgian Court was issued a second red card dropping their roster down another man.  Each team remained adamant to either break the tie or extend their lead.  The clock would expire with the final score of 2-1 in favor of the Warriors.


Up Next:
The Warriors will jump right back into action on Monday, September 28th, as they travel to Holy Family University to make up a rained out match from September 12th.  The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference match is set to begin at 4:00pm.


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