Senior Salute: Krissy Johnson - Softball

Senior Salute: Krissy Johnson - Softball

Nyack, NY - The Nyack College "Senior Salute" series continues with softball senior Krissy Johnson. Johnson, a 5'3" outfielder from Aledo, Texas, joined the Warriors in 2018-19 from Navarro College. In her first year with the Warriors Johnson totaled 44 hits, including three doubles and three triples, in 150 at bats averaging .293 at the plate. Johnson drove in 12 batters, scored 34 runs herself and stole 21 times, which ranked her 7th in the CACC. 

Defensivley, she posted a .929 fielding percentage in her collegiate career at Nyack with 89 putouts and two assists. 

Coach Aumend states, "Krissy is the fastest player I've ever coached, but more importantly, one of the most fierce gameday competitors I've been around. Her injury setback was a big setback to our team, this Spring, both offensively and defensively. But, as a captain, I admired her leadership by playing through the pain. If she comes back to get her master's degree, she will be the most talked about player in our conference for her rise in performance."

As with all other players we took some time to ask Krissy some questions about her abrupt season ending and her future plans. 

When you first heard of the news of postponements & cancellations, what were your initial thoughts? Where were you?

When my team and I heard about threats of postponement we thought it wasn't that serious. They are just simply moving the season back a tad bit, and we will be back in no time. The day I found out about the season being canceled, we were in Winter Haven,Florida for spring break about to start our first game of the day. When I got a call from one of my friends at Bloomfield telling me his baseball season had been canceled, he sent me the CACC statement in regards to the COVID-19 picture. I wasn't processing it because it was too hot that day so I just brushed it off and went on.

Before the season was being interrupted, how was the year going - what was the team's expectations & goals?

At the beginning of the season, my team struggled with coming together because we had all come from different programs, with mindsets, and rules. We worked countless hours on drills to become the best we could be. Our expectation and goal was to get back to the CACC tournament and having fun with each other along the way.

What are your thoughts about the NCAA granting another year of eligibility for you?

I think it's great that the NCAA is granting another year of eligibility, but what about those other student-athletes that already had grad school, jobs, and other plans lined up after this year? What do they do? Our lives don't stop because the NCAA says so, and now many athletes who dedicated everything to their sport have to walk about empty-handed.

What are your personal career goals? Jobs, internships, interests moving forward?

After this year I planned on going on to flight attendant school, but I kept putting off my application. I was going to travel the world until I decided I wanted to open a business or not.

What has been your favorite memory while being at Nyack?

My favorite memories at Nyack were the weekends because my friends and I always had plans to go do something even if it was last minute. 

Do you have any advice for your younger teammates or recruits that are looking at coming to Nyack?

Every time you step on the field remember this is your chance to give it your all and show them why you are a part of the best nine out there….. Also when you are given a fresh start go harder than before and go out with a bang. #WeAren'tDoneYet