Senior Salute: Alyssa Giampolo - Softball

Senior Salute: Alyssa Giampolo - Softball

Nyack, NY - The Nyack College athletic department continues its "Senior Salute" series recognizing all the spring seniors throughout the remainder of the semester. Next up is softball senior Alyssa Giampolo. Giampolo joined the Warriors in 2018-19 and spent her first two collegiate years at CACC rivals Goldey-Beacom. The pitcher made an immediate impact on the Warriors pitching 194.0 innings and recording 13 wins on the season, which ranked her 7th in the CACC. She posted a season ERA of 3.54 with 2.71 strikeouts per seven innings. In the five appearances on the mount in 2019-20 Giampolo posted 2.66 ERA striking out 3.38 batters per seven innings. 

Giampolo also contributed on the hitting side with a .225 hitting average,resulting in 25 hits including seven doubles. In her nine games in Florida this season she averaged .296 with eight hits, including one double. 

Softball head coach Jeff Aumend said about Alyssa, "Alyssa G is a fierce competitor, not only in softball but also in life. Her life testimony about overcoming some of the things college students dabble into, is a testimony to God being in control, in these difficult times. God brought her here for a reason. Certainly, softball was one of those, leading her team to the best finish in the conference,  in many, many years for Nyack. But there are other reasons, as she prepares to be an excellent counselor professionally."

As with all seniors before we asked Alyssa a few questions in regards to the abrupt season ending and her future plans. 

When you first heard of the news of postponements & cancellations, what were your initial thoughts? Where were you? 
I had seen online other schools and conferences had been cancelling, the night before my sister had her season cancelled and I had been getting concerned about ours. I had already thought about re-enrolling for a masters at Nyack, so I was just concerned about getting everything in on time. We had been in Florida getting ready to play, what would be our last game and we had all been in shock. There had been a lot of tears and phone calls and confusion. We had all known something was going to happen because each day we would hear this team dropped out or this game is going to be rescheduled. Then there were less and less teams on at the fields. 
Prior to the season being interrupted, how was the year going - what was the team's expectations & goals? 
We had all been so excited for this season. We knew we had a really strong team and we had all planned to make the tournament again. My personal goal was to end my final year on a strong note.
What are your thoughts about the NCAA granting another year of eligibility for you? 
I am happy about it. It is also a lot to process as well. I had already been accepted and enrolled in another graduate program and now I am trying to figure out how to use my extra year at Nyack as well. 
What are your personal career goals? Jobs, internships, interests moving forward? 
I am going to get my masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as a masters in Social Work. My ultimate goal is to work within prisons and help those in prisons to build a better life when they get out. I had previously worked an internship at a drug and alcohol rehab through the summer and fall. 
What has been your favorite memory while being at Nyack?
Going to the tournament last year with my team. We all had so much fun and had been able to prove a lot of people wrong and had made a name for ourselves. 
Do you have any advice for your younger teammates or recruits that are looking at coming to Nyack?
Enjoy college. Enjoy your final years playing and don't take it for granted.