Warriors Fall to Visiting Bowie State Bulldogs

Warriors Fall to Visiting Bowie State Bulldogs

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The Basics:
Score: Nyack 55 | Bowie State 65
Nyack Record: 4-5
Bowie State University Record: 6-2
Location: Bowman Gymnasium


In a non-conference match between the Warriors and the Bulldogs of Bowie State University, Nyack came up 10 points short losing to the visiting team 65-55 at the conclusion of four quarters.  The Warriors managed to climb from a 16 point deficit in the third quarter but were unable to break the lead the Bulldogs had established.

How It Happened:
Senior Tori Trador (Seminole, FL) performed consistently in all aspects of the game for the Warriors.  Trador earned 13 points, the second highest on the team, while leading the Warriors with 3 steals and 9 rebounds, 8 of which were on defense.  Trador was joined on defense by senior Raven Makins (Laurel, MD) who added 8 rebounds for Nyack, 1 assist, and 1 steal, as well as 10 points for the Warriors while shooting 100% from the foul line.  Senior Jamie McKeither (Laurel, MD) topped the shooting stats for Nyack earning 17 points shooting 9-12 from the foul line and 4-13 inside the paint.  McKeither was also able to add 7 rebounds through the course of the night for the Warriors. 

Overall, through 4 quarters of play, Nyack managed to shoot 73.9% from the foul line, 31.6% at the 3 point line, and 29.6% from inside the paint.  The Warriors also pulled together 37 rebounds and 8 assists in their efforts against the Bulldogs but despite 4 lead changes Nyack was unable to cultivate a lead larger than 2 points throughout the entire match.  The Bulldogs gained a 16 point lead in the 3rd quarter with 4:32 on the clock after 4 unanswered minutes of play.  By the end of the quarter Nyack managed to close the score gap to a 10 point deficit at 44-34.  The Warriors fought to maintain competitive through the match, limiting the Bulldogs from earning any lead past 10 points for mere seconds.  Unfortunately, the Warriors were unable to push past the 10 point lead the Bulldogs had established.  The clock would expire with a final score of 65-55 in favor of Bowie State University.

Up Next:
The Women's Basketball team returns with another home game this week on Saturday, December 12th, against Bloomfield College.  The game between the Bears of Bloomfield and the Warriors are scheduled to begin their Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference match at 1:00 pm.  Come out and support your Warriors!

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