Nyack drops to Minn. St. Moorhead During Florida Trip

Nyack drops to Minn. St. Moorhead During Florida Trip
The Nyack women's basketball team faced off against Minnesota State Moorhead on Saturday, unable to regain enough momentum at the start of the game in a 46-92 loss.
The first quarter started off with an almost immediate score from Minn. St., which was answered moments later by a Bryanna Brown layup. From there, Minn. St.'s offense surged ahead, scoring 12 straight points until a pair of Yamelis Villegas free throws put Nyack back in the offensive game. Minn. St. continued their drive, and Nyack's offense was set back again as the first quarter ended. 
In the second quarter, the Warriors defense held Minn. St. to 3 points in the first 3 minutes, but a pair of Nyack errors put the ball back in their opponent's hands. Soon after, though, Nyack's offense was able to generate points off of layups and free throws to inch their way back on the board. Minn. St. took advantage of every offensive opportunity, and the Warriors went into halftime down 19-39.
Starting the second half of the game, the Warriors offense began to pick up speed. Bryanna Brown sank a 3-pointer and Kelli Smoot scored 4 quick points to give Nyack a promising start. Minn. St. kept up their scoring on their side, however, and despite a strong rebounding performance by the Warriors, Minn. St. continued to pull ahead. In the fourth quarter, the Warriors continued to play hard. Japria Karim-Duvall scored a 3-pointer and Imani Dawson claimed 3 rebounds as the game wound to a close, with Nyack taking the loss.
Bryanna Brown and Kelli Smoot each score 10 points for the Warriors offense. On the defensive side, Janae Bailey had a block and Khadijah Hickson contributed 3 steals.