Nyack Warriors Fall to Franklin Pierce in Home Non-Conference Game

The Nyack College women's basketball team faced off in a home non conference game against Franklin Pierce. The opposing team dominated the stats for today's game having an edge up on the Warriors. The game ended in a loss for Nyack with a final score of 79-53. 

In the first quarter of the game, Franklin Pierce was the first to put themselves on the scoreboard propelling them into the rest of the game. The Warriors managed to find small two point leads in the beginning of the quarter but with two minutes left they found themselves falling behind quickly. The quarter ended with a totaled score of 16-9 with Franklin Pierce in the lead. 

In the second quarter of the game, the opposing team started off with an advantage over the Warriors. Throughout this quarter with every attempt made by the Warriors to bridge the gap was followed by Franklin Pierce adding onto their score. With seven minutes till left in the quarter, Franklin Pierce found themselves ten points ahead of the Warriors. Nyack worked hard for the time left and maanged to catch up and be only one point behind with nineteen seconds left on the clock. Franklin Pierce was the last to score in the quarter totaling the score at 32-28. 

In the third quarter of the game, the Warriors started out only four points behind the opposing team. Throughout this quarter for every basket made by the Warriors, Franklin Pierce came back and scored too. Nyack found themselves ten points behind again with three minutes left on the clock. The Warriors were unable to make dent in the point gap and finished the quarter with a total score of 55-44.

In the fourth quarter, Franklin Pierce continued to add onto their lead making it harder for the Warriors to catch up. With Franklin Pierce's 24 total points scored in this quarter alone compared to Nyack's nine points in this quarter, Franklin Pierce was able to secure the win for themselves. 

Overall, Frankling Pierce was 56.9% from the field, 33.3% from behind the arc and 80% in free throws. The Warriors were 27% from field the overall, 9.7% from behind the arc, and 76.9% in free throws. For the Warriors, offensively, Kyla Given scored 11 total points for the team, and defensively, Jocelin Wright had 6 rebounds and one steal. 

Up Next: The Nyack College women's basketball team will compete in a home conference game against Dominican College on Saturday December 21st at 1:00PM.