Women's Soccer Prospective Student-Athletes

Click the button above and fill out our online questionnaire so we have all of your information. Then follow up with an e-mail to our Head Coach Emma Webb at [email protected]

The best way for us to see you play is to come to our Winter ID Clinic and Summer ID Camp. A second way is to attend one of the tournaments listed below.

-Winter ID Clinic: November
The Winter ID Clinic is a great introduction to Nyack Soccer, and provides an opportunity to train at a high level and be seen by the Nyack Staff.
-Christian College ID Camp: June
The Christian College ID Camp is a high level two day camp held on Nyack's campus for those serious about playing soccer at a Christian college.  
-You can register online for the Clinic and Camp at https://www.nyackcamps.com/


Nyack College is a Christian college looking for student-athletes who are serious about growing their faith and dedicating themselves to the standard of excellence we expect in our program. The foundation of the women’s soccer program here is set on God, and it is our goal to create an atmosphere that facilitates spiritual, physical, and academic growth. On and off the field we strive to show teams, faculty, student-athletes, and people we encounter that Christ comes first in all we say and do.

Excellence on the Field, Dedication off the Field
On the field, we are looking for players dedicated to the game. This shows through a high level of technical, tactical, and athletic ability. We have a very culturally diverse roster. Our girls are attracted to our location in Lower Manhattan, our dedication to the player, our positive and nurturing culture, and the love for the game

The team is chosen through the recruiting process as opposed to open tryouts when school starts. Therefore, it is important for interested high school student-athletes to understand both the process and the timing. The following are some steps you can take to help in the recruiting process:

1. Contact Us: Fill out our online recruiting form so we will have your information. Then follow up with a personal e-mail to Head Coach Emma Webb at [email protected]. Make sure to attach your current High School and/or college transcripts and mention any tournaments and/or showcases you may be participating in. 

2. Attend our ID Camp: Due to the current pandemic in the world, there are no plans for a summer ID camp at this time. Circumstances may change and we may decide to have an ID camp later in the summer. We will keep you posted through our social media channels as well as our camp website: https://soccer.nyackcamps.com/

3. Send us Tournament Schedules: If you will be attending one of the tournaments in the right-hand box, then send us your game times, field locations, opponent, and jersey number.

4. Visit Campus: You can get a campus tour, meet with Admissions, and spend time with the coaching staff. Contact our Admissions Office at 212-625-0500 to set up the visit, and be sure to let them know you wish to meet with the coaching staff.

5. Send us Highlights: Although we don't typically offer spots based on video alone, it can sometimes be a good starting place for the recruiting process.

6. Come to a Game: It is of great benefit for you to see us play and get a first-hand look at the level of play, the team's style, and the atmosphere surrounding a game.

We spend the fall, spring, and summer of a player's junior year to identify and evaluate players who we think would be an excellent fit for Nyack--spiritually, academically, and athletically. By November the identification phase of our recruiting process is complete and we begin to offer spots. We have finished our recruiting for the following year as early as November and as late as April, but for the most part it finishes up in the winter.